Butter My Buttons



Maybe for now, Maybe forever. JB.


Can’t wait…


Merry Christmas & Happy New Year, both belated of course. 

I had the most magical christmas this year with my family. I lazed around eating, drinking and painting for 5 whole days in the Oxford countryside before returning to London. I then had the most chaotic new years eve I could have ever imagined. My 3 day hangover after the 3 day bender bought to my attention that I prefer my slipper wearing, cake baking and book worm-self more then my crazy party girl-self. I intend to change this year. I want to become a more elegant and hard-working girl, not boring but demure.

My new years resoloutions are:

1. Stop swearing

2. Learn how to play the guitar

3. Be healthier – You’ll be pleased to know, I booked some classes at the gym & bought some scales!

2012 looks set to be a good year. I have finally got my own sewing machine so I can start to make my own garments, My brother is back from Afghanistan, My friends and I are going to the Benicassim festival, I’m spending some of the summer in Italy with family and then a Christmas and Wedding with my African family in Capetown. As well as finishing my 1st year at London College of Fashion, turning 21 (entering my 2nd saturn!) and hopefully meeting some beautiful people.



Big & Bushy.

After much consideration, I’m not going to bleach my eyebrows. I am instead going to ‘bush’ them up a bit – meaning putting the tweezers down and letting them be wild for a few months. Might as well…Not sure I will look quite as good as Bambi (last photograph) though.

All I Want For Christmas

On my ‘Wish list’ for this year…I have been bought a Guitar which will be fun, once I have learnt how to play it!

1. United Bamboo Parka 2. Vintage 1970’s Skirt 3. Lingerie set by Stella McCartney 4. Versace Printed Shirt 5. Bindis 6. Ipod 7. Burberry Scarf 8. Vintage 1990’s T-shirt 9. Acne Dyed Leather Jacket 10. Chloe Perfume 11. Red Dr. Martens

Winter Wonderland

Skiiing East


Shades of Grey






Over the past few weeks I have been writing an essay on Dr Martens for part of my degree. I can’t complain as it’s involved me reading up on the history and development of Dr Marten’s as well as visiting store’s all over London.

The only downside is all this “research” is that it makes me want a new pair. Red or White? 6 or 3 holes? Vintage or New?

Also…got snapped by a lovely photographer last Sunday (lost the link to her site, sobs) so enjoy a rare photograph.